Dry land training is simply conditioning that a swimmer does out of the pool as a form of cross training.  Includes speed, cardiovascular, flexibility, stability and strength activities.  Swimming is a rigorous exercise that incorporates complex bio-mechanical movements. In order to swim efficiently; one must possess technical skill, coordination, muscular balance, and athletic ability.  Swimming is unlike any other exercise because you have to use all of your large muscle groups simultaneously to propel you through the water.

GSP Dry Land Swimming Training

Fitness training for swimming differs from most conventional land based sports:

  • Due to its unique movement
  • Biomechanical Needs (Kinetic Chain)
  • Use of Larger Muscles

GSP Has Developed Customized Training Programs For The Swim/Dive Athlete

  • Intro to SAQ & Strength
  • Focus on Explosion & Power
  • Improved Speed, Cardio Fitness, & Muscle Endurance
  • Increased Overall Conditioning
  • Strengthen Larger Muscle with Proper Technique
  • Focus on different types of Events and Competition levels (Sprints verses Distance)
  • Fatigue & Lactic Acid Build Up (As our bodies perform strenuous exercise we begin to breathe faster as we attempt to shuttle more oxygen to our working muscles).
  • Injury Prevention and Muscle Recovery
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