An effective tennis training program must meet the demands of an all-around, physically challenging sport. Whether you’re a recreational or competitive player, the level at which you compete can be directly linked to the amount of speed, strength, agility, flexibility and conditioning that you possess.

GSP uses several different components to enhance performance and prevent injuries.

These are some of those components:

 Cardio and Court Movement – These exercises utilize the movement patterns involved when playing the game. The exercises, when organized appropriately, utilize similar work to rest ratios experienced by the player during competition.

Conditioning – Correct movement patterns will be emphasized during the conditioning sessions.

Endurance Training – is interval training, instead of running on the track, uses different exercises, such as footwork drills.

Improve Dynamic Balance

Improve Flexibility

Improve Lateral Movement, Agility, and Footwork

Plyometrics – another popular training method to train athletes’ explosiveness and it relates to one’s acceleration.

Speed – One of the important components for tennis players is acceleration, first step and acceleration is a key factor of tennis movement.

Strength Training – These exercises emphasize areas critical for the tennis player. Areas include core strength, leg strength and dynamic balance, shoulder and rotator cuff strength, wrist and forearm strength, and power development utilizing the kinetic chain.

Stretching – Proper stretching techniques are still recommended post practice or competition to aid in improving and maintaining range of motion.

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