A solid soccer speed training program should include speed-endurance, which is the ability to run at top speeds for extended periods of time. Soccer players must have exceptional speed and quickness levels. There is a difference between quick and fast. The best athletes have a combination of both quick and fast characteristics and both elements must be trained.

Lateral speed and agility work lays the foundation for an athlete in any sport. Agility training is used to improve foot speed, quickness, acceleration, switching gears, cutting, starting/stopping, change of direction, and reaction.

GSP will Improve & Focus on:

Acceleration – Beat players with the ball and to the ball; soccer is so much about quick stops and starts, doing sprint work like ladders to boost speed, acceleration and endurance.

Agility Drills – Incorporate the ball into conditioning drills to improve agility and make the drills more game like.

Flexibility – Reduced injuries and to make plays and avoid pressure stretching is essential.

Interval Training – Sprint movements- to get open and to make those game winning runs, players have to go from a dead stop to a full sprint.

Nutrition – Eating right you’ll get the most out of your body

Speed Endurance – The ability to run at top speeds for extended periods of time.

Stamina – Strive for the highest level of fitness.

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