Postural Restoration

Who are we? 

PROSPER P-PT is a Postural Restoration-based physical therapy clinic and performance development center, owned and operated by Kristen Spencer, MPT, PRC.  Kristen was certified in Postural Restoration© (PRI) in 2009.  She has been utilizing PRI since 2007, including 5+ years of working with professional, Olympic, collegiate, high school and recreational

athletes.  PROSPER P-PT teamed up with Earl Williams and GSP, because Kristen and Earl share a common passion and vision.  We believe in focusing on the entire person and are passionate about helping others to prosper in both life and sport.

Our treatment philosophy differs from the traditional.  We utilize PRI principles to address the true source (hint – it may not be at the site of your pain). From a performance perspective, we identify and address your underlying imbalances which are setting you up for potential injury or hindering your ability to perform.

 What is PRI?

Postural Restoration is a cutting-edge, integrated approach to physical medicine based on the principle that the human body is, innately, asymmetrical.  Our desire to function symmetrically, without regarding our natural asymmetry, leads to compensation, neuro-motor imbalance, and faulty breathing patterns.  Adding societal influence, behavioral influences, and genetic influences, unilateral sports/habits, or injury will put us deeper into these asymmetrical patterns.

Since the body is entirely inter-connected, PRI clinicians know that pain or injury in one area of the body is often a result of dysfunction elsewhere in the chain.  PRI also understands the inter-relationship of all systems in the body, and the fact that asymmetries may need to be addressed in the visual or dental systems to achieve balance again.


Unlike traditional therapy, our sessions are entirely one-on-one, and most patients experience symptom relief in only 6-8 visits. We work toward resolving the underlying cause, which not only leads to more permanent results, but can alleviate or prevent problems in other areas.

Our goal is to restore BALANCED, reciprocal, and triplanar neuro-motor function to optimize performance or simply function without pain.

 What we offer

Services include:

  •                 Postural Restoration Therapy
  •                 Injury Prevention
  •                 Return-to-Sport
  •                 Transitional-to-Training
  •                 Prenatal and Postpartum Therapy
  •                 Myofascial and Scar Massage
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