Julian Williams

Agility, Strength & Wide Receiver Coach

Expertise, Experience & Education:

Julian Williams is a personal trainer and wide receiver coach at Georgia Sports Performance. Collins Hill High School alumni as 3 year football letterman. Received a D1 Athletic Scholarship to college.

He currently is a free agent and was with Atlanta Falcons last year for 7 weeks on the practice squad. Before Atlanta he played collegiately with Florida International University under both, Ron Turner and Butch Davis as a 3-year starter. The message that he would like for the athletes and parents to resonate with is, throughout his entire football career it was been an uphill battle. Julian always knew what he was capable, but growing up the windows of opportunity for football seemed closed. In high school I had no stars and no big Power 5 D-1 offers. Now, at this rate I wouldn’t be playing any big-time college football, nor would I make it to the National Football League…but I did!

You’ve got to block out all the naysayers and doubters by outworking everyone. This isn’t easy at all, but with Julian’s assistance he will teach you how he did it. He still has his pulse on the NFL, because he too still trying to get back in the door and achieve the dreams that he set for himself.

During his time at FIU, he studied Exercise Science and since obtaining my degree, I’ve been on staff at GSP and I have been groomed by Dr. Joel Seedman who has a Ph.D in Kinesiology from the University of Georgia to train our youth as well as our top collegiate and pro athletes.

Julian’s belief is that hard work, patience, and consistency are the keys to success. What we do here at Georgia Sports Performance isn’t flashy, but it is very effective. We are masters of fundamentals and when coaches need a player (female or male) to rise to the occasion, our athletes are always prepared.

Training expertise offered at GSP:

  • Strength and Conditioning programs
  • Camps and Combine trainer and instruction
  • Instructional position school programs and training
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