Dr. Joel Seedman


Exercise Science Director/Head Strength Coach Collegiate/Pro Athletes

EXPERTISE, EXPERIENCE & EDUCATION: Completed PhD in Kinesiology from the University of Georgia (UGA) with an emphasis on Neuromuscular Mechanisms of Resistance Training and Muscular Function. Received Bachelor’s and Master’s in Exercise Science from Indiana University (IU). Completed minor degrees in Nutrition, Fitness Specialist, Coaching, and Public Health from IU. Over 15 nationally acclaimed certifications including NSCA “CSCS” Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, “ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, FMS (Functional Movement Screen), USAW “Olympic Weightlifting”, NASM “CPT”, NFPT CPT, ACE CPT, and IFPA “Master Trainer”. Strength coach for Indiana University – coached and trained 2007 Indiana University Football Team to its only bowl game in the last 21 years. Also hold various sports nutrition certifications including NFPT “Sports Nutrition Specialist”, ISSA “SPN” Specialist in Performance Nutrition, and IFPA “Advanced Specialist”.
Specialist”. Awarded Personal Trainer of the Year UGA 2012 and Indiana University’s Top Trainer Award 2005. Have worked with professional and collegiate athletes from a variety of sports including: football, basketball, tennis, baseball, track and field, wrestling, soccer, volleyball, swimming and diving, golf, and others. Have also trained Olympic weightlifters, bodybuilders, figure and bikini competitors, “Strong Man” competitors, and powerlifters. Have taught kinesiology courses, guest lectures, and exercise science presentations.

ABOUT ME: With over 11 years of strength coaching, education, nutritional counseling, and personal training experience, I have been blessed to work with a wide variety of clientele. In order to maximize performance and health, I train my athletes and clients to improve muscle function and movement mechanics via advanced neuromuscular re-education techniques. By teaching individuals how to move and function the way The Almighty intended them to, it’s incredible to see how all characteristics of performance improve no matter the athlete or training goal. In addition to working hands on with my clients, I also enjoy writing exercise science articles and performance enhancement publications. I’ve devoted many years to researching and identifying the best and most effective training techniques for optimizing performance, fitness, and health. I continuously strive to find groundbreaking methods for enhancing performance, including cutting edge research and discoveries made during my doctoral dissertation. You can visit my personal website Advanced Human Performance.com to find out more about my training philosophies.
Training expertise offered at GSP:
• Athletic performance enhancement
• Functional muscle mass, power, and explosiveness
• Elimination of pain, inflammation, and joint discomfort/trauma
• Performance/health nutrition and sports supplementation
• Injury prevention, pre-habilitation, and rehabilitation
• Spinal/postural restoration and neuromuscular re-education
• Movement quality, stability, biomechanics, mobility, and balance
• Body composition, metabolic repair, and hormonal optimization

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