Herb Ricks

Georgia Sports Performance Character Building Coach

Expertise, Experience, & Education:

Certified Personal Trainer with National Federation of High School Associates Inc. and the American Sports Education Program (ASEP).

About Me:

I have been around and seen a lot in the fitness industry during the past 33 years.  So when Coach Earl told me of his vision for GSP I brought all my experience in being able to train all types of fitness levels, from youth to seniors. My training focus is on function and technique.

Currently, I’m the character building coach at the facility. I’m actively involved in my Church and a program through my Church called Stephen Ministry.

I have known Coach Earl since 1st grade and I have the highest regard for him as a person, trainer and friend. Thankful for the opportunities that I have been blessed with and always keep one thing in mind as you journey on, “Your attitude will determine your altitude.”

“My goal in life is to help build the character of each individual through spiritual guidance.”

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Character Traits to Live By…

Part of my journey here at GSP has been to develop a program for athletes to live by, not only on the field but with life in general. Teaching character traits early in life can help mold the mind of a young athlete. Paul Tough, Author of How Children Succeed—Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character says that “character is as important as academics in helping children become successful adults.”

Applying character traits mentioned in this article will help set a foundation. Keeping in mind that there are elements outside of a family’s control like socioeconomics, but reenforcing character traits will set your athlete up for success.

If you would like to have a one-on-one evaluation for fitness or to learn more about our character building program with Coach Herb, feel free to reach out to him or our direct line at (678) 629-3038.