GSP Recruiting

Georgia Sports Performance in helping student athletes get more exposure, training & scholarships to play in college. We have helped 200 + student athletes obtain over $30,000,000 in scholarships.

Great training plus a strong recruiting network is a formula for getting more offers, more exposure and better college opportunities.

GSP is recognized as a regional leader in football recruiting by working one on one with families to evaluate, promote, develop and connect their clients to college coaches.

Top players attracts college coaches.  In addition to GSP’s inventory of top recruits, we also have a 7 on 7 team that is consistently rated in the top 10 programs in the country.

GSP athletes players can immediately target their efforts and resources to a process known for producing offers and scholarships.

For families of Georgia Sports Performance, they now have a valuable resource to promote their athlete, navigate the recruiting choices and move their recruiting to a much higher level than previously offered.

Butch Reiser is our Recruiting Director and can be reached at (404) 333-9616 or email at

High School, College and Professional Athletes Trained by GSP

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