Football Conditioning Drills


Football Conditioning Drills

Football players are among some of the finest athletes in the world and that’s a testament to their grueling regime. If you want to perform at YOUR best and fine tune your football conditioning drills or position training – whatever level that might be – you can learn a lot from the way the professional train at Georgia Sport Performance.

First and foremost, a football training program has to meet your own specific needs. Any effective training regime should be built on the back of a solid fitness assessment and baseline testing. Sport specific fitness tests allow athletes and professional trainers to identify physical strengths and weaknesses.

They act as a benchmark upon which a complete training program can be developed. A benchmark can be set for each component of fitness. Seeing definite results in black and white is usually more inspiring and motivates an athlete to continue to strive for higher goals and progress.

The foundation of any effective football conditioning program is strength training. Absolute or maximal strength in and of itself is not enough though – not if football players want to reach their full potential. To gain the greatest advantage, gains in maximal strength should be converted into explosive power. Power is a combination of strength and speed. And in football, with all other factors equal, the player with the greater power will come out on top.

Maximal strength training plays a key role in a football conditioning drills, a result-oriented training program and other football-specific elements of fitness are important in becoming the best player you can. These are:

  • Maximum speed, acceleration and agility
  • Muscular endurance
  • Flexibility and mobility

A complete football training program lasts 12 months – even if the competitive in-season only spans from September to December.

GSP is a quality program that adjusts training to fit the needs of the athlete throughout the post season, pre-season, and in-season.

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