Dante Williams

Quarterback Training

Quarterback Training Specialist

Graduate of Samford University, Birmingham, AL with a BS in Exercise Science and awarded the Number 1 student in his major. Graduated Magna Cum Laude, Samford Team Captain. Also a member of the National Honor Society.

Played Arena football for Albany Panthers & Fayetteville Force. Is currently a coach at Collins Hill high school. He enjoys training, coaching, and being a role model to the young athletes that are forging their futures in academics and becoming successful athletes. Dante’s goal is to give back to the community and help our athletes achieve their goals and obtain full college scholarships. His focus is to make an impact on people to be healthy, happy, and educated about their body and nutrition, at GSP, and at Grayson High School.

Dante credits his dad, Coach Earl Williams and mom, Lori Williams who have always inspired him to strive for higher goals, and give back to those people that have supported him, helped you, and inspired him in his life.


There are solid 4 drills that are widely used amongst quarterback training coaches. Mastering these 4 drills will help you begin your journey and competition level as a quarterback. These are a few of the first drills you will be taught if you are a beginner or fine-tune if you already know the drills.

  1. CIRCLE DRILL – This drill will developed the quarterback’s throwing on the run, if he is off-balance or being rushed by the defense. Quarterback training
  2. HITCH-HITCH-GO – A running in and out of the pocket drill to allow the quarterback to keep his eyes downfield so he/she can make a decision on whether to run the ball or throw it.
  3. QUICK RELEASE DRILL – This drill helps the quarterback to organically release the ball quickly and to be more accurate.
  4. ANTICIPATION DRILL – Anticipating and trusting your receiver that is open is everything. This drill will assist a quarterback to look for and anticipate a receivers move and when he is immediately open.

Quarterback Training at Georgia Sports Performance has resulted in success for many quarterbacks in Gwinnett County. If you are a new client, call today to get schedule for your free evaluation.

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