Coach Earl Williams

Sports Performance Training

Owner and Master Trainer for Georgia Sports Performance “GSP”

Sports Performance Training Earl WilliamsSports Performance Training Expertise, Experience & Education:

Coach Earl attended Sacramento State University as a student-athlete on a Wrestling Scholarship. He played football and baseball as well.

Earl has a background in exercise science and nutrition. He is nationally certified coach through The American Sports Education Program and the National Federation of High School Associations. Also earning his certification as a Master Trainer.

He managed as Regional Senior Vice President of Sportslife Health & Fitness Club for 8 years, responsible for marketing, sales and operations of 7 Atlanta owned-clubs.

In 1995 he purchased a health club in Gwinnett County, owned and operated it for 13 years with his wife Lori Williams. He sold the health club and transitioned solely into athletic training. He opened Georgia Sports Performance (GSP) as owner, operator, and master trainer in the Gwinnett community. His passion for sports performance training resulted in Earl training over 200 professional athletes in multiple sports. He has assisted athletes in acquiring over 300 scholarships in various sports, many of which attend top state colleges and universities.

About Me:

My wife Lori, married 28 years is my partner in life and in the GSP business. We have three sons, Dante, Andre, Julian, and our daughter, Sienna.

I pride myself on helping young athletes reach peak performance and their athletic goals in their sport of choice. My experience over the years has motivated family members to get involved in exercise science and contribute to the growth of Georgia Sports Performance. We are instrumental in many of the local school programs helping to develop athletes. We train athletes in a variety of sports and prepare teams for upcoming seasons and competitions.

Our words to live by are;  “God, self, family, helping others, academics, the sport you love, and everything else is a distant second.” If we can inspire one athlete or family and give back to the community, then we are truly blessed. I am equally inspired every day by the number of young athletes that we have the opportunity to motivate and encourage.

Training expertise offered at GSP:

  • Instructional Quarterback school programs and training
  • Position sports training
  • Sports Performance Training
  • Strength and Conditioning programs
  • Nutritional programs
  • Weight loss and gain specific programs
  • Individual specialized training and fitness programs
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