It’s crucial for Basketball athletes to work on their strength, conditioning, and quickness, but basketball strength and conditioning training isn’t just for the offseason! It is for Pre-Season, In-Season, and Post-Season!

In order to be a successful a competitive basketball athlete, there are three important basketball training program components for the “Total Athlete”. GSP’s mandate is total athletic development and our training approach is key to unlocking an athlete’s full potential and to achieve greatness.

The most comprehensive performance enhancement training program includes:

  • Movement training
  • Explosive power development
  • Linear and lateral speed development
  • Foot speed and agility
  • Injury prevention
  • Weight training techniques
  • Functional strength training

The 3 Phases to a successful Basketball Training Program:


Basketball Training Program at GSPIntensive and heavy emphasis on strength, movement, and endurance training.

Strength training Basketball players, along with any athlete should use the off-season to become stronger. The off-season is where the volume of your workload in the weight room should be at its highest.

Devotion of an effective strength training program will help players become stronger in both the saggital and frontal planes. An effective strength training program will also aid in improving conditioning, power, and speed—all elements needed to be an effective basketball player and to ensure total body development.


Moderate emphasis on strength, movement, and endurance training.

Anaerobic Conditioning – You will start to move away from general aerobic conditioning and towards more basketball-specific sessions. Shuttles runs are a classic example and very effective. You can also make drills even more specific if you throw in a ball and some basic skills.

Basketball is a multi-sprint sport. In a game you’ll be required to perform several successive sprints close to maximum speed on numerous occasions.

Plyometrics or jump training is one of the most effective methods for developing explosive power. And because power is a product of both speed of contraction and strength, your results will increase.


Georgia Sports Performance Basketball Training ProgramIntensive and heavy emphasis on strength, movement, and endurance training.

As the competitive season draws closer your basketball training program should place more and more emphasis on quickness and agility. In order for an athlete to reach their true potential on the basketball court, they must maintain the strength they built throughout the entire off-season.

Strength training is still a greatly underestimated aspect of preparation in many programs and often a neglected component during the actual playing season.

How do you get confidence on the court?

You prepare, strength train and condition so fatigue is never a factor.

An integrated training system incorporates performance training and nutrition to meet the high demands of the long basketball season. Combining strength, speed, agility, and flexibility along with proper nutrition and recovery strategies is essential to spending more time on the court and less time on the bench.

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