About Our Training Programs

GSP Training Protocol

The GSP strength and conditioning training protocol is a designed scientific approach developed specifically for athletes, by GSP coaches utilizing industry leading training principles and trademark protocol. Our programs are designed for athletes at every level of fitness.

Body Mechanics

Proper body mechanics for each individual must progressively develop at different stages to ensure good form and to prevent injury. We will thoroughly discuss with you prior to beginning your training program, what your fitness journey looks like and a timeline for measuring results. 

Monitoring Success

As each athlete begins his or her program at different stages of their athleticism, the monitoring process by GSP training professionals is essential. Below is an example of how GSP breaks down the strength and conditioning program for Prep, College, and Pro athletes.

Chris Culliver – NFL All Pro Cornerback Strength and Conditioning Client

Chris Culliver – NFL All Pro Cornerback

Hypertrophy Phase

Abby Squires Lacrosse Expert GSP Strength and Conditioning Client

Abby Squires – DIV 1 LaCrosse

Strength Phase

Taylor Heineke Minnesota Vikings Strength and Conditioning Client

Taylor Heineke – QB Minnesota Vikings

Power Phase

Jarius Wynn Professional Football Athlete Strength and Conditioning Client

Jarius Wynn – 9 Year NFL DIV 1 D Line

Georgia Sports Performance strength and conditioning client

Rhyan England – DIV 1 RB Army

Power Endurance Phase

Brea Dickie college softball athlete Strength and Conditioning Client

Brea Dickey – DIV 1 Softball

Understanding The Dynamics of Strength and Conditioning

Georgia Sports Performance Strength and Conditioning TrainingThe central nervous system (CNS) muscle connection is vital to an athlete’s progress. Understanding the dynamics of how this works is what separates GSP from it competitors. Breaking down the mind/muscle connector by designing a program around these two important components is essential to the progress of the athlete for their chosen sport. This is what is different about GSP’s training protocol. Athletes that change direction in an explosive fashion will do so at peak strength, balance, and cardio condition. Adaptation of increased muscle to movement is essential. Understanding how to train athletes and develop balance, strength, size, explosiveness, and speed is what GSP is all about!